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Long Island Power Authority Orders Advanced Distribution Management System

Efacec Advanced Control Systems will supply an integrated real-time distribution and outage management system (DMS/OMS) and establish standards-based advanced automation solutions for the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA).

Following a thorough assessment of commercially available OMS solutions, LIPA has contracted with Efacec ACS to implement PRISM DMS/OMS as the platform of choice for operation of the distribution system. The primary objectives of this effort are to replace enhanced features of LIPA’s legacy OMS with a modern interoperable platform that also provides an electronic operating model for the foundation of advanced DMS applications. The Efacec ACS system, while supporting the goals and objectives of LIPA’s ARRA-funded Smart Grid Corridor Project, will be internally funded, and will be deployed in parallel with and independently of LIPA’s DOE efforts.

Elements of the project, which will deploy in five phases over the next year, include:

  • Advanced visualization techniques, including integrated dynamic map and switching details for optimum situational awareness
  • Smart Grid applications for power optimization and self-healing feeders
  • PRISM Real-time OMS and StormDAM (storm damage & assessment management application)
  • The industry’s first integrated T&D model
  • Distribution System Simulator at SUNY-Stony Brook for research and analysis

The SOA will be deployed through a central Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) that supports the LIPA business model throughout the organization. The PRISM DMS/OMS and third–party applications will support the ESB using existing industry standards, such as IEC 61970/61968. Efacec ACS will also provide a Network Model Management (NMM) subsystem which will manage past, present, and future versions of the transmission and distribution integrated network model. LIPA corporate users and other applications will have the ability to subscribe to the Common Information Model (CIM)/XML-compliant model.

The LIPA Smart Grid DMS/OMS project is a partnership between Efacec ACS and LIPA, and will be executed through LIPA’s designated service provider, National Grid, in concert with LIPA’s consultants for standards-based data modeling and SOA development. Each project phase will follow LIPA SDLC process standards for implementation, reviews, and approvals.

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