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FPL Announces New Online Store Offering Energy-Efficient Products

Conserving energy and making a difference in the community is now as easy as changing a light bulb, thanks to Florida Power & Light Company’s new Online Energy Store.

Conserving energy not only helps lower energy bills and protect the environment; it now also helps those in need. FPL revenue from sales of energy-efficient items such as compact fluorescent light bulbs, low flow showerheads and air conditioner filters, will go directly to programs designed to help low-income residents, like the company’s successful “Home Energy Makeover” activities. These events involve FPL energy experts, in partnership with state and local community groups, who assist low-income households in improving the energy efficiency of their homes, with the ultimate goal of lowering electric bills.

The new, easy-to-use, fully stocked virtual store is open for business, and shoppers can “stroll the aisles” by logging on to www.FPL.com/store. There, customers can compare and contrast a variety of products. Shopping at FPL’s Online Energy Store is similar to shopping online at other stores – customers select what they want to buy and choose how and where they want it shipped.

“The Online Energy Store serves multiple purposes. We are offering our customers a variety of energy-efficient products in a convenient forum, and these products will help them manage their personal energy use more efficiently,” said FPL Customer Service Vice President Marlene Santos. “And, sales from the store help fund initiatives, such as the Home Energy Makeover, that directly support friends and neighbors in low-income communities.”

Shoppers in the market for energy-efficient products are encouraged to take FPL’s Online Home Energy Survey (OHES). At the end of the survey, customers are provided a personalized report, based on their energy usage. The report will also offer information about products that will help customers make their homes more energy-efficient.

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