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ERCOT to Use New Software for Generation and Transmission Planning Selected for New Nodal Market in Texas

Ventyx has announced a new PowerBase Suite license contract with U.S.-based independent system operator Electric Reliability Council of Texas. The Ventyx software adds long-range resource planning analysis capability to nodal electricity market operations.

The PowerBase Suite—which includes PROMOD IV, MarketPower and Simulation-Ready Data—will be used for long-range resource planning analysis including: nodal and zonal market price forecasting, ancillary service analysis, intermittent resource analysis and generation expansion and retirement analysis in ERCOT's new nodal market system, operational since December 2010.

In addition to ERCOT, the other six ISOs in the United States use Ventyx analytics software for generation and transmission planning.

ERCOT also recently implemented the Network Manager Market Management System (MMS) from Ventyx to administer its wholesale power market in the United States.

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