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EnergyAustralia Implements Oracle Utilities Network Management System

EnergyAustralia has implemented Oracle Utilities Network Management System as its outage management solution. The new system allows EnergyAustralia to quickly identify, report on and resolve power outages, while providing accurate restoration status updates to customers.

EnergyAustralia is focused on enhancing responsiveness to more than 1.5 million customers throughout its 22,275-square-km electricity network that includes Sydney, Newcastle and rural areas. Oracle Utilities outage management solution enables the tracking of power outage information at the individual customer level -- providing EnergyAustralia's customer service representatives with enterprise-wide visibility into how an outage affects each consumer. This visibility allows EnergyAustralia to immediately identify power loss problem areas and communicate accurate outage and repair status information to customers.

The Oracle Utilities outage management solution is an integrated suite of real-time operations technology applications that integrate existing Customer Information Systems (CIS), geographic information systems (GIS) and other network management systems. The application suite provides increased visibility throughout EnergyAustralia's network, enabling the company to better manage its transmission and distribution assets. Oracle Utilities outage management solution also provides EnergyAustralia with the real-time insight required to quickly make informed decisions regarding power outages and related service issues.

EnergyAustralia uses up-to-date electricity network system information to provide customers with detailed status information -- like estimated service resolution times -- before crews arrive onsite. Visibility into the scope of power transmission outages also enables EnergyAustralia to assign the appropriate response resources to identified outage areas.

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