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eMeter and EnergyICT Partner to Offer EnergyIP

eMeter and EnergyICT have partnered to offer EnergyIP, a new product that combines the Power Information Platform by eMeter (PIPe), a mass market advanced metering information system (AMIS), with EnergyICT's EIServer and ComServerJ, a commercial and industrial (C&I) meter data collection and management solution. eMeter is now marketing EnergyIP to electric and gas utilities throughout North America.

"Since EnergyIP combines existing, commercially proven solutions, it is available immediately," said Cree Edwards, eMeter's chairman and CEO. "The PIPe is already used to manage data for millions of meters in the U.S., while EIServer and ComServerJ retrieve and manage interval data for most large C&I customers in Europe. Utilities implementing EnergyIP can meet their urgent, short-term need to upgrade C&I data collection while positioning themselves perfectly for the rapidly coming world of mass market AMI."

EnergyIP is an enterprise-class application that supports and maintains advanced metering information with a sophisticated data model and automated support for advanced metering business processes. It includes a meter data repository and fully automated validation, editing, and estimation (VEE) capabilities, as well as interfaces to AMI data collection technologies and utility business systems. Using a unique, patent-pending architecture based on an embedded real-time messaging bus, EnergyIP has proven scalability to handle at least 9 million AMI meters and unparalleled flexibility in adding or modifying data management and AMI applications. EnergyIP interface adapters are available today for over a dozen AMI systems, with multiple adapters already implemented for utility CIS, outage management, work management, GIS, and other enterprise systems.

Grosjean added, "Another reason we selected eMeter is their outstanding track record of delivery. One of their core strengths is implementation and support of the solution. eMeter received rave reviews from its clients, giving us great comfort that eMeter will do an excellent job supporting our products in North America."

With the inclusion of EnergyICT's products, EnergyIP also supports advanced C&I capabilities, including meter data management and sophisticated VEE algorithms. EnergyIP provides data collection directly from C&I meters for both telephone communications as well as the full scope of more advanced communications, such as IP, GSM, GPRS, and CDMA -- including support for more than 70 meter protocols. EnergyIP calculates billing determinants for virtually any type of complex C&I rate schedule or contract, from real-time pricing to curtailment programs. Web-based, graphical user interfaces allow operators to troubleshoot communication and meter problems. EnergyIP incorporates a Sarbanes-Oxley compliant security framework, including full system audit capability.

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