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Dept. of Homeland Security to Use Telvent SCADA in Testing Project

Telvent is the first vendor selected to participate in a SCADA testing project to ensure critical IT security and infrastructure protection in multi-vendor environments. Televent’s SCADA system will be deployed as part of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) new Multi-Vendor Assessment (MVA) project. The MVA project will produce best practices and security guidance for asset owners planning to deploy and integrate next-generation critical infrastructure control systems.

Telvent will support DHS’ Control Systems Security Program’s mission to reduce risks associated with control systems that command the nation’s vital water, gas, oil, and electric networks. Driven by similar initiatives such as the Smart Grid, which require technologies from multiple vendors to function securely together, the MVA project will assess vulnerabilities and risks created by the integration of technologies and platforms from different vendors.

The MVA project includes operating a simulated pipeline to accurately model and explore numerous real-world processes that occur within critical infrastructure. The findings from this assessment will accurately depict the interdependencies of industrial control systems components and processes, enabling DHS to identify and recommend more secure implementation strategies.

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