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CSC Announces Unified Communications Offering

CSC has launched its new Unified Communications Services Portfolio, a comprehensive suite of services engineered to enhance enterprise business processes and reduce human latency. CSC will design, build, integrate and manage this suite of services for Enterprise customers globally. Key components of this platform are technologies that deliver ways to connect remote and mobile workers, deliver advanced messaging and presence integration, fixed and mobile integration, Enterprise class IPT services, desktop Video and Collaboration and a foundation to deliver Communications Enabled Applications (CEA).

CSC's approach to Unified Communications is focused on enabling and integrating multi-vendor environments by leveraging existing infrastructure investments and introducing new processes and technologies according to a customer-specific strategic communications roadmap. CSC's offering can be integrated into the customer's chosen environment and business processes, allowing them to choose the presence, conferencing and messaging applications. CSC is able to design and build environments that tie directly into clients' mission-critical business applications. Through further integration and enablement of key business processes, CSC's Unified Communications offerings improve worker connectedness, reduce human latency, enhance customer satisfaction and drive revenue acceleration through reduced time to market.

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