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Cleco Selects the MDMS for Smart Grid Project

Cleco Power has selected the Ecologic MDMS as part of its plan to modernize its metering infrastructure for 277,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers. Cleco is one of 31 utilities awarded a Smart Grid Investment Grant (SGIG) as part of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and yet another SGIG recipient to choose the Ecologic MDMS.

As a foundational piece of any smart grid initiative, the Ecologic MDMS is a standards-based enterprise software solution that collects, manages and integrates detailed metering information with utility back office systems.

Deployed in advance of the smart meter upgrade, the Ecologic MDMS will support Cleco in enhancing the information available for its electric customers within 23 Louisiana parishes throughout the state. During the rollout the MDMS will provide Cleco with insight about the performance of the new smart meters. The Ecologic MDMS provides a window into the metering data allowing Cleco to closely monitor, validate and audit the performance of smart meters being deployed.

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