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Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative Goes Live With New Meter Data Management System

Siemens Energy, Inc. has completed the installation of the first full-scale roll-out of eMeter's Energy Engage customer web portal on-site at Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative in Bastrop, Texas. The portal was deployed on top of the eMeter EnergyIP Meter Data Management platform to provide Bluebonnet's consumers easily accessible and understandable daily usage and cost information. With the information collected, the customer will be able to assess the implications of variable-rate pricing as regulators consider moving to time-of-use (TOU) and event-based rates in the future.

"Energy Engage is an instrumental piece of our Sustainable Grid program. We feel it empowers our members to make smart economic decisions relating to their energy usage and will increase member satisfaction," said Mark Rose, CEO, Bluebonnet Electric. Leveraging a multi-channel communications approach, Energy Engage provides a comprehensive exchange of information on an exceptionally cost-effective basis. The result is that Bluebonnet will have transparency into consumer cost savings derived from using Energy Engage. In addition, the service also enhances the consumer experience by enabling proactive consumer engagement and by providing advice from respected sources for best practices and cost-saving tips related to electricity usage.

"In addition to implementing the meter data management system at Bluebonnet, Siemens was eager to help Bluebonnet truly 'engage' its end-use consumers by supplying the eMeter web portal that allows them to actively monitor and adjust their usage habits, and thus ultimately save money," said Paul A. Camuti, Siemens Energy, Inc., president, USA Smart Grid Applications.

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