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AT&T and Acclaim Energy Collaborate on Load Optimization

AT&T and Acclaim Energy Advisors have announced a strategic agreement to provide a service to business customers that can reduce their utility costs while protecting sensitive equipment from power surges and helping restore reliability to the power grid.

Powered by AT&T, the Acclaim Energy DLO365, or Dynamic Load Optimization, will use smart grid technology to provide low cost, intelligent power metering and control systems that enable remote monitoring and switching of loads from the grid to standby generators within seconds. DLO365 can automatically reduce energy loads as small as 100 kW across many customer sites when called upon either by a grid operator or another demand response program manager. Combined with abundant security and disaster recovery features, DLO365 helps ensure continuity of service and electric generation during emergencies.

"We have a serious electricity problem and it requires both the public and private sector to explore what they can do to protect the energy grid in Texas," said Alex Mills, president of the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers. "We are facing a serious shortfall and this new solution from Acclaim and AT&T has the ability to have an immediate impact, while creating an alternative source of revenue for participants."

Features of DLO365:

  • Business and government customers of all sizes can participate
  • Year-round participation in electricity curtailment programs that generate revenue for their organizations
  • Reduces peak consumption and increased savings.

"Although grid challenges are growing nationwide, we're introducing this service first in Texas due to its acute electricity generation problems and potential reliability issues in 2012 and beyond," said John Elder, Acclaim Energy Advisors CEO. "Together with AT&T, we can assist organizations that want to manage energy smartly, generate income and help avert costly grid failures that impact economic growth and quality of life for residents."

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