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Asset, Resource Management Program Integrates Scheduling, Dispatch and Work Management

LogicaCMG has released new capabilities for real-time scheduling and dispatch, fully integrated with work management capabilities in the field, as part of its Asset and Resource Management (ARM) version 1.2 program for the utility sector. A key part of the ARM 1.2 release is an expanded focus on leveraging wireless communications to provide real-time field and resource optimization.

Combined with the capability for integration with any work management, maintenance or service order system, LogicaCMG's new real-time components provide utility organizations with capabilities to reduce labor costs, increase field productivity, and drive higher levels of efficiency.

Providing a holistic view of all of a utility's resources and work including service, maintenance and inspection, and new construction, LogicaCMG's new real-time solution enables clients to unify their entire resource and work execution management capabilities, optimize their workforce by rethinking their crew compositions and allow construction crews to work on maintenance or service jobs and vice versa.

The major new components incorporated into LogicaCMG's ARM 1.2
release are:

  • Resource Manager -- enables dispatchers, schedulers and supervisors to efficiently manage all aspects of the resources used to perform work in the field (people skills, vehicles, equipment and crews).
  • ARM Scheduler -- an automated solution that schedules and dispatches short and long, multi-task, multi-crew and multi-day complex work while optimizing resources and travel costs.
  • ARM Optimizer -- the next level of scheduling and dispatch; fully automates the scheduling and dispatch process while re-optimizing work schedules in real time on a 24 x 7 basis. Designed to automatically respond to unplanned events.
  • RTARM Mobile -- a real-time mobile capability that provides integrated work and asset management capability and supports the dispatch and execution of all the types of work a utility performs across the enterprise. One field solution designed for all types of work.
  • ARM Metrics -- provides the product suite with a business intelligence repository of data coupled with a variety of dashboard components that provide a range of KPI's for work, scheduling, field force and asset management.
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