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Application Processing, Risk Decisioning Solution is Designed for Utilities

Equifax Inc. has launched an application processing and risk decisioning solution designed specifically for telecommunications, utility and cable companies. InterConnect for Communications & Utilities integrates data from multiple sources, enabling customers to make faster, more accurate decisions around deposit determination and identity verification.

InterConnect for Communications & Utilities helps companies streamline the new application and service activation process, automate deposit determination and validate customer identity in real time. The solution integrates with proprietary industry data exchanges, including the National Consumer Telecommunications and Utilities Exchange, a centralized repository of utility, telecommunications and cable customer payment history. With access to NCTUE information and other external data sources as well as Equifax identity validation solutions, companies can quickly confirm the identity and past payment history of new applicants.

Automated decisioning and access to multiple data sources are especially valuable for telecommunications, utility and cable companies, which traditionally process applications manually. Data integration across disparate systems is another critical need due to the number of mergers and acquisitions in these industries. By providing a standard set of modules for application processing, decision management and data integration, InterConnect for Communications & Utilities enables customer control over business management tools while supporting lower operating costs.

  • Customers that leverage InterConnect for Communications & Utilities can take advantage of the following features:
  • Front-end user interface for application processing or the ability to integrate with an existing user interface and customer information system.
  • Easy editing of business rules.
  • Product catalog capabilities that support the selection and automation of decisions across multiple product lines or sales channels.
  • Graphically rich reports that easily identify new trends to help customers better assess their credit policy performance.
  • Customer letters with custom text generated quickly and easily.
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