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ABB and Silver Spring Networks Announce Smart Grid Interoperability

ABB and Silver Spring Networks have announced successful completion of interoperability testing of ABB’s COM600 substation computer and PCD recloser device with Silver Spring’s Smart Energy Network.

This testing marks another milestone in the ongoing convergence of Distribution Automation, SCADA, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, and other advanced applications onto a single ubiquitous, secure Smart Grid communications platform.

Silver Spring’s Smart Energy Network meets the critical requirements of a network supporting SCADA: It’s secure, fault-tolerant, high-availability, and compatible with industry-standard protocols. This high-density mesh network delivers ample bandwidth, low latency, and ubiquitous coverage for DA, AMI, and other Smart Grid applications. Leveraging a common network infrastructure significantly lowers both the capital and operational costs of implementing wide-scale DA. The Smart Energy Network also provides DA traffic prioritization, easy deployment and maintenance, and centralized network management.

ABB has integrated the Silver Springs Networks eBridge communication devices with its feeder automation products, including the ABB COM600 substation computer and the PCD recloser. The COM600 distribution automation platform, which includes control and monitoring functions, is a communications gateway and substation computer.

In the Silver Spring network, the eBridge is used to control feeder automation devices, such as reclosers, switches, and capacitor controllers. The feeder automation data is prioritized over the metering data, allowing for faster execution of feeder automation control commands.

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