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Xage for Energy Provides Next-Generation T&D Cyber and Physical Security Solution

June 14, 2018
Addressing new security vulnerabilities associated with a more interconnected electric grid

Instead of relying solely upon centralized control systems, more advanced electric utility T&D operations are making it more attractive to utilize devices with control systems which include local or distributed intelligence.  In this real-time environment, where devices need to handle two-way power flows and a flood of real-time data, the associated solutions for physical and cyber security must also step up their game.

Enter Xage Security, a Palo Alto, CA-based security product and industrial automation solution provider.  Xage Security recently announced the general availability of its Xage for Energy, an industrial solution utilizing the company’s patented tamperproof fingerprinting technology. 

Xage has designed its connected tamper proofing solution to optimally secure networks against intrusions in a distributed environment.  Utilizing fingerprint technology, the Xage for Energy solution allows operators to control, add or remove resources securely.  In the event of attempted malware attacks the solution flags and isolates affected devices, and alerts  operators if any unauthorized changes are attempted.

Xage has a strong prior history of providing solutions to protect the industrial internet of things utilizing distributed blockchain-protected authentication.  With Xage for Energy, the company extended its solution’s capabilities so as to work beyond the security system, preventing hackers from tampering with industrial control systems and devices.  As a result, Xage for Energy protects SCADA, DCS, HMI, RTU, and PLC systems from malware and other cyberattacks, maximizing uptime and minimizing maintenance costs.  The solution reduces burdens upon operators, who will no longer have to put effort into providing limited security through network configuration.

According to Duncan Greatwood, CEO of Xage, the company’s core software products  are currently deployed at numerous U.S. utilities, including major investor-owned electric utilities, with field deployments at substations, smart buildings, and other locations.  The solution is also deployed at a range of other commercial and industrial facilities, including oil and gas wellpads, data centers, and other locations requiring similar high levels of control and management synchronization.

Xage software can be installed in existing industrial control systems (e.g. for SCADA protection) or even in endpoints such as smart meters.

It is noteworthy that Xage commonly uses proxy techniques to handle endpoints which do not contain Xage's software.  And the company also provides a range of methods to harden existing devices, including deployment of the Xage fabric around existing devices, proxying those devices into the fabric, and enabling remote role-based access, in-field authentication, etc., as well as deployment of Xage agent into the devices, enabling the devices to participate in the fabric directly.

Xage typically works with individual customers and certifies their device types in the lab (if not certified already) before rolling out in the field.  And Xage is also working with a number of partners to prebuild Xage software into their devices.

More information is available on Xage’s recent security solution announcement is at this link, and a white paper from Xage is downloadable after registration here.

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