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Siemens Adds OverIT to its Grid Software Ecosystem of Partners

Nov. 30, 2022
Advanced field service management complements the modular Grid Software Suite to create a holistic digital twin of the grid.

Siemens Smart Infrastructure has partnered with OverIT, the global leader in field service management, to expand its ecosystem of partners for its grid software business.

Headquartered in Italy, OverIT offers a software solution to boost productivity in workforce management and create data analytics to track, calculate and analyze field service operations. This partnership further strengthens the Siemens Grid Software portfolio ecosystem, enabling exponential growth in distributed renewable energy by integrating information from all essential parts of the converging OT/IT landscape.

Efficient field service management is becoming increasingly important, especially for distribution grid operators with thousands of assets, including secondary substations and distribution cabinets not yet equipped with sensors and actuators. Combined with the highly modular, open, interoperable and well-established Siemens grid software, utilities will be able to efficiently detect and address underlying faults and, most importantly, effectively improve field crew management, leading to grid optimization in the areas of planning, operation and maintenance. In addition, analytical insights from service operations further empower Siemens’ digital twin of the grid, enabling active grid management, advanced customer service and efficient planning. 

The Siemens Grid Software Suite is part of Siemens Xcelerator, an open digital business platform designed to accelerate digital transformation and value creation across industries, transportation, grids and buildings. An important aspect of this strategy is an ecosystem of partners with complementary portfolios.

“Field service management is business critical for utilities in order to coordinate planned maintenance and fault detection immediately. By combining our world-class software products for meter data management and control centers with the software of OverIT, we can help utilities master the distributed energy landscape with an increasing number of assets. We are happy to join forces with OverIT as we work with complementary technology partners to support customers on their journey towards net zero,” said Sabine Erlinghagen, CEO of Grid Software at Siemens Smart Infrastructure.

“I cannot think of a better partnership between Siemens Grid Software and OverIT. Both solutions are top-notch in the respective fields, and the integration of our products will bring immediate increase of customer value.” said Paolo Bergamo, CEO and Chairman at OverIT

Setting up an ecosystem of partners with complementary products is a core element of the strategy underpinning Siemens Xcelerator, which seeks to make the digital transformation easier, faster and scalable. Siemens Xcelerator aims to break down old silos so that partners can collaborate to provide customers with a holistic data-centric view of the world instead of the traditional, limited application- or domain-centric view.  

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