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SEL Axion Becomes First IEEE-Certified PMU

Jan. 5, 2016
The SEL-2240 Axion complies with IEEE Synchrophasor Measurement Test Suite Specification requirements and receives the first IEEE phasor measurement unit (PMU) certification in the world.

The IEEE Standards Association has certified the SEL-2240 Axion as complying with all applicable requirements in the IEEE Synchrophasor Measurement Test Suite Specification—Version 2.

To attain this certification, the Axion met or exceeded the rigorous requirements established by the IEEE Synchrophasor Conformity Assessment Steering Committee (SCASC), which consists of industry subject matter experts. Consumers Energy Laboratory Services, an IEEE-authorized independent laboratory, conducted the tests to verify compliance.

“Certification of the SEL-2240 Axion from a notable industry leader in power and energy, such as SEL, marks an important milestone for the IEEE Synchrophasor Certification program,” said Konstantinos Karachalios, managing director, IEEE-SA. “This program addresses a gap in the power industry by offering buyers of PMU technology a method to determine compliance of a product to the IEEE C37.118.1a standard before purchase and large-scale deployments.”

In 2002, SEL was the first to introduce PMU capability in a relay—a feature that has become standard in many SEL relays. In 2005, IEEE published the first version of the IEEE C37.118™ standard for synchrophasors in response to a market technology need. SEL participated in the IEEE Synchrophasor Certification program pilot in 2015.

The SEL Axion is a fully modular, scalable, and distributed I/O measurement and control solution suitable for numerous utility and industrial applications. Due to its modular design, the Axion scales easily to the amount of phasor measurements required in a system. Capable of serving up to 64 phasor quantities at 60 measurements per second, it provides an economical solution for small to large PMUs. The expandable and distributable design also allows multiple Axion nodes to collect IEEE C37.118.1a-2014 compliant synchrophasor data at the point of measurement, providing a reduction in copper wiring. In addition, the flexible configuration of the synchrophasor server in the Axion also provides an option to send time-stamped and accurate P or M Class synchrophasor measurements to as many as six master stations for wide-area monitoring.

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