ComEd to Deploy Real-Time Energy Disaggregation in Northern Illinois

March 26, 2015
Utility is first to deploy Bidgely’s new HomeBeat™ Energy Monitor to customers

Commonwealth Edison is launching a pilot to test Bidgely’s new HomeBeat Energy Monitor and Web & Mobile engagement solution with ComEd customers. ComEd is the first utility to offer this technology to customers, which will provide them with personalized energy reports detailing how and when they use energy in their home.

The project is part of ComEd’s SmartGridExchange, a collaboration between ComEd, entrepreneurs, technology start-ups, universities and customers to explore and design new products and offers that utilize the intelligence of the smart grid and smart meter.

“Our goal is to maximize the value our customers realize from our investment in smart grid technology,” said Val Jensen, senior vice president of Customer Operations, ComEd. “We are building a platform for product and service innovation that will unlock customer value that we’re only beginning to glimpse. The pilot with Bidgely is proof of this, and we are pleased to lead the industry in testing this innovative technology with our customers to help them better manage their energy use.”

During the pilot, 250 participants will be selected to receive the HomeBeat Energy Monitor, which will allow participants to connect directly to their ComEd smart meter and provide real-time data to the Bidgely cloud. An additional 2,500 participants will receive access to Bidgely’s HomeBeat Web & Mobile platform, which utilizes information collected and sent over the ComEd smart meter network to Bidgely’s cloud. The pilot is expected to launch in late spring and run for approximately six months.

Bidgely’s HomeBeat platform will provide personalized appliance-level insights through the company’s disaggregation-based solution. This technology will empower customers to take specific actions that will help them save energy. The inclusion of Bidgely’s HomeBeat Energy Monitor enables ComEd to offer real-time energy insights, such as high-usage alerts via mobile push notifications within minutes of use.

ComEd is the first utility to offer Bidgely’s new suite of HomeBeat products that include:

  • HomeBeat Web & Mobile app – enhanced mobile app that provides real-time notifications and insights around energy use and puts the ability to make smarter decisions about energy in the palm of your hand.
  • HomeBeat Energy Monitor – simple and affordable in-home gateway that syncs smart meter data with Bidgely’s cloud to enable real-time energy insights.

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