Changes Arrive Today for 'The Smarter Grid'

April 10, 2014
In an effort to improve this newsletter for you, our readership, we’re making a few changes.

In an effort to improve this newsletter for you, our readership, we’re making a few changes.  In today’s issue you will see new categories for the news items: Contracts’ News, Utility Announcements, Vendor Announcements, Alliances, and Reports.  The category of Top Story will remain.  In a given issue, some categories may have no items.  The intent is to assist you in honing in on your areas of interest, and possibly ignoring your areas of non-interest – although we’d rather you take a look at all the items.

At least once each quarter I’ll provide a comment or two for your consideration.  Last January I listed the top five trends in the smart grid arena I think bear watching in 2014.  This coming July I plan to give you an update on those five trends.

On the lighter side, our web technology now enables us to easily conduct polls.  We’ll be trying out a few polls this year.  I promise to make each poll simple enough for you to respond to in only a few minutes.  If you can’t respond without doing some research, or e-mailing or phoning several colleagues, you probably should not respond.  Poll results will be reported in a subsequent newsletter.

Lastly, a reminder: If you are subscribed to this newsletter but are having problems in receiving it, that may be caused by your company’s spam filter.  If so, you should just have to add us to your “safe senders” list for incoming e-mail.  That procedure may vary from company to company, so give your IT Help Desk a call for assistance.

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