Alliant Energy to Use ClickAppStore to Keep Workers Connected

April 10, 2013
Alliant Energy, a Midwest-based energy holding company, is implementing enterprise apps.

Alliant Energy, a Midwest-based energy holding company, is implementing enterprise apps. Alliant Energy plans to keep its workers connected in the field using the Resource Radar app from ClickSoftware's ClickAppstore.

ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd. recently unveiled the Resource Radar app, which is included within the Collaboration Pack of apps. The Resource Radar App will be used by Alliant Energy to better connect field technicians across thousands of miles of service area. The company will use the popular app, in addition the full suite of workforce management and mobility solutions, to provide customer service by giving field resources the ability to quickly identify additional technicians nearby for faster response to both planned jobs and emergencies. The app will also help Alliant Energy adhere to strict safety measures, and enable technicians to complete more jobs per day.

Resource Radar is one of dozens of apps aggregated into Collection Packs, other Collection Packs available for download include the Field Scheduling and Personal Productivity Packs. All are available through the ClickAppStore, the first app store for enterprise-level customers who require fully integrated apps that connect workers to each other and to the back office. The Resource Radar app collects GPS data to display a field workers' location within a specified radius. This functionality can more efficiently provide additional support during service calls, when a safety backup is needed or to respond to emergencies.

Alliant Energy Corp. is an energy holding company providing 1.4 million Midwest utility customers with safe and reliable electric and natural gas services. Alliant Energy current deploys nearly 4,000 employees across its service territory of Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

In a recent forecast, research firm IDC predicts by 2015, the world's mobile worker population will reach 1.3 billion, representing 37.2% of the total global workforce and 75% of the US workforce.

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