GPS Product Developer Adopts Philips' Software

June 20, 2006
ALK Technologies, Inc. has integrated Philips' 'Spot' software GPS solution in its latest product, the CoPilot|Navigator 9.

ALK Technologies, Inc., has integrated Royal Philips' 'Spot' software GPS solution in its latest product, the CoPilot | Navigator 9. Philips offers device makers a true software GPS signal processing solution. This GPS technology slashes costs by at least a factor of two, opening up new large-volume market opportunities for location, tracking and navigation applications.

Closely integrated with CoPilot | Navigator 9, Philips' Spot enables improvements in accuracy, speed and consistency when determining the user location.

Spot can make optimal use of the processing capabilities on today's notebook PCs. Conventional GPS receivers require a special-purpose digital processor to extract the GPS signals, measure their timing and calculate the position on the Earth. In contrast, Spot performs all these in software, requiring only a basic general-purpose processor - in this case, that of the attached notebook PC.

The Spot software GPS solution is part of Philips Software's comprehensive portfolio of LifeVibes TV, Video, Music and Voice solutions for mobile multimedia tailored to the needs of handset makers, mobile network operators and service providers. These solutions simplify development of consumer-focused mobile products and applications for the connected world.

The ALK CoPilot | Navigator 9 is available now via Dell North America website.

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