NV Energy Improves Efficiency, Reliability with Telemetric Solution

June 24, 2009
NV Energy has deployed more than half of its state-of-the-art capacitor automation system using the Telemetric cellular communication solution and eCapT capacitor controls from QEI, Inc

NV Energy has installed more than half of its new state-of-the-art capacitor automation system using Telemetric’s cellular data communication solution resulting in a significant reduction in VAr flows on its transmission system. This project combines central control intelligence with two-way communication and local intelligence, allowing NV Energy to precisely control electric distribution system reactive power and voltage resulting in increased energy efficiency and system reliability for their more than 2.4 million customers. The Telemetric solution includes intelligent Remote Telemetry Modules (RTMs) located in the capacitor controls, cellular data network services, and PowerVista, a suite of powerful web-based software applications. Deployment began in summer 2007 and will result in control of more than 2,200 capacitor banks when complete in 2009.

Telemetric’s cellular communication solution and eCap capacitor controls from QEI, Inc. offered NV Energy a cost-effective alternative to expanding its existing private radio network or installation of a new private radio network. Because the solution uses two-way communications, NV Energy now receives confirmation of all switching commands and capacitor bank status removing any guesswork regarding their state, reducing the need to purchase additional banks and improving repair crew efficiency.

According to Tom Loutzenheiser, CEO of Telemetric, "Combining central control with two-way communications allows NV Energy to better manage voltage and reactive power, improving the efficiency of their distribution system and allowing them to provide reactive power to support their transmission system when needed."

NV Energy can view data and control capacitor banks through its central control software as well as through the Telemetric PowerVista software. PowerVista allows authorized NV Energy personnel to view, control and manage all the capacitor controls and settings from an intuitive web-based user interface, optimizing capacitor bank assets. It also sends alarms and event notifications via email, text messaging and pagers to dispatchers and operations personnel.

Further benefits to NV Energy include:

  • Ease of installation – units arrive provisioned and ready for deployment.
  • Single source for communications equipment, cellular network services, software and technical support.
  • All system components support the industry standard DNP 3.0 protocol
  • Documented increase in capacitor bank availability and reduced transmission system MVAr flows during peak summer usage.

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