Cooper Power Systems Completes Product Line of Substation Solutions with Cybectec SMP I/O

Dec. 27, 2007
Cooper Power Systems has introduced the new Cybectec SMP I/O.

Cooper Power Systems has introduced the new Cybectec SMP I/O. The SMP I/O, which effectively completes the Cybectec SMP product line of substation solutions, is a distributed, substation-hardened, contact input/output processing unit. The SMP I/O offers significant savings for utility plants and facilities by reducing the amount of wiring required as well as configuration and commissioning time.

The SMP I/O can be installed closer to power equipment, which saves on cabling costs while offering remote upgrading capabilities. Designed to install directly into 19-inch relay racks, the SMP I/O is easily field-upgradeable and supports the industry’s standard DNP3 communication protocol. Rugged and reliable, the SMP I/O supports the simultaneous operation of up to 18 outputs and includes built-in input redundancy. In addition, this product meets all the IEEE and IEC requirements for vibration, electrical surges, fast transients and extreme temperature ranges.

A collection of cutting-edge advancements was used in the design of the SMP I/O. The local/remote control switch, coupled with the IRIG-B input, ensures the safe, accurate and reliable operation of the module. The product also supports select-before-operate (SBO) or direct-execute outputs and 1ms transition time tagging.

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