NorthWestern Energy Standardizes on Intergraph Platform

April 25, 2007
NorthWestern Energy is standardizing on Intergraph’s G/Technology platform.

NorthWestern Energy is standardizing on Intergraph’s G/Technology platform. G/Technology, Intergraph’s geofacilities management solution, will empower NorthWestern Energy to streamline the management of assets for the distribution and transmission of gas and electricity, its fiber network, as well as facilitate regulatory compliance.

With G/Technology, NorthWestern Energy’s asset management data, customer information, and its enterprise resource planning system may be integrated into a single, open application with tremendous analysis and reporting flexibility, enhancing its ability to meet regulatory reporting requirements and data management demands.

NorthWestern Energy's electric and natural gas operations serve customers in Montana, South Dakota, and Nebraska. NorthWestern is one of the largest providers of electricity and natural gas in the northwest quadrant of the United States, serving approximately 628,500 customers including 375,000 electric and 253,500 natural gas customers. As its regional operations were consolidated, NorthWestern Energy sought a geofacilities management solution to help streamline reporting and response by providing standardized, centralized asset information.

Intergraph has teamed with James W. Sewall Company and Ed Sweet, a recognized pipeline consultant, to build a solution that pulls asset data from throughout NorthWestern Energy into a truly open, integrated platform built on next generation technology.

“Our Montana operation had employed FRAMME to great success, and we found migrating to the G/Technology platform to be the sensible choice when we considered the cost, functionality and implementation time of all the available solutions. We are confident in Intergraph’s reputation as leader in the utilities market,” said Jeanne Vold, director of IT applications for NorthWestern Energy. “We expect G/Technology will better allow us to assess and respond to industry regulations and requirements, as well as our corporate reporting demands.”

Jay Stinson, vice president and general manager, Intergraph Utilities and Communications, added: “The enhanced access to geofacilities information that G/Technology drives throughout the enterprise will empower NorthWestern Energy to experience fewer service disruptions resulting from inaccurate data, while concurrently simplifying administration and reporting by standardizing on a single platform. We are proud to count NorthWestern among the leading gas and electricity providers adopting G/Technology to improve efficiency, increase safety, and lower the costs of operation.”

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