Control4 Showcases Energy Management System at Autovation 2009

Sept. 24, 2009
Control4 introduced its Energy Management System (EMS) 100 at Autovation 2009

Control4 has introduced the Control4 Energy Management System (EMS) 100 at Autovation 2009. The EMS 100 combines the functionality of a home-area network controller with demand response support, with a wireless thermostat and energy management software to provide utilities a cost-effective, flexible, home-area network solution for their smart grid deployments. The EMS 100 delivers customer usage data via the smart meter and a standards-based, secure platform that can control virtually every device in the home.

The system aggregates energy usage data from various loads and presents the information in an intuitive display so that customers can make changes in their home to reduce energy usage or set up their in-home device to automatically do it for them. The EMS 100 serves as a valuable communications tool, providing utilities an efficient means to alert customers of demand response events and send signals directly to devices in the home during peak times.

The EMS 100 solution features the following:

  • The Control4 Energy Controller EC-100 5-inch color touch screen display – The EC-100 delivers usage data and energy costs for the home and the ability for the customer to take such actions as powering down lights or adjusting shades to reduce energy use.
  • The WT-100 Thermostat – A simple, elegant, ZigBee-based programmable wireless thermostat that connects directly to the EC-100 for total control of heating and cooling throughout the home. Programming the WT-100 thermostat is managed through the EC-100 display.
  • Control4 Network Management Software – Control4 Network Management Software enables the monitoring, optimization and reporting of all deployed energy controllers. The network management tools provide cost effective Tier 1 technical support and remote diagnostic capabilities.
  • Control4® ECO Software – Control4 Energy Consumption Optimizer (ECO) Software collects, analyzes and compresses energy use and behavior data on the EC-100, then communicates with the utility’s load management software to treat demand response events as a dispatchable resource.
  • Control4 platform – The standards-based, secure Control4 software platform is based on industry standards of embedded Linux and Adobe Flash Lite. The platform is secured through ZigBee SE, SSL, and OpenSSH technology. The platform is extensible, allowing third parties to develop new applications, providing enhanced functionality to the system over time. For example, utilities can develop their own applications such as the monitoring of gas and water or a home’s carbon dioxide output.
  • Control4 Automation & Control -- Using ZigBee, Wi-Fi and Ethernet standards, Control4’s solutions give homeowners the ability to control and automate their thermostats, lights, spa or pool, sprinklers and more, to manage power usage with one easy to use interface.

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