Benton PUD, Washington, Selects ArcFM

June 21, 2007
Benton PUD has become the 300th user to select Telvent Miner and Miner's ArcFM Solution.

Benton PUD has become the 300th user to select Telvent Miner & Miner's ArcFM Solution. The software and implementation will include ArcFM, Designer, ArcFM Viewer with Redliner, Fiber Manager, and Responder OMS. The project will also involve mobile design, fiber management, integration to PeopleSoft Financials/ERM and Advantica SynerGEE, and outage management, which will also serve as a platform for leveraging future AMI technology.

Benton PUD, a municipal corporation of the state of Washington headquartered in Kennewick, Washington, was established in 1946. Today, Benton PUD supports transmission and distribution electric energy to more than 45,000 electric customers covering more than 900 square miles of service territory. Benton PUD manages 36 substations, approximately 89 miles of 115 kV transmission line and 1468 miles of distribution lines, and nearly 60 miles of fiber optic cables.

Benton PUD decided to implement ArcFM for managing workflows and distributed information being shared across the organization, including reduction of overall operating costs and improved customer service. Benton PUD will be able to reduce data maintenance overhead and improve data accuracy by integrating facility design, analysis, outage management, and mapping functions into a single process. The organization will also benefit from the ability to leverage core technology and components of ArcFM to minimize the need for customization and to provide an upgrade path that protects investment over the lifecycle of the system.

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