We Energies Selects ControlPanelGRC To Help with Compliance in Heavily Regulated Energy Industry

April 28, 2011
We Energies has selected ControlPanelGRC to minimize the impact of audits and to better protect its assets.

We Energies has selected ControlPanelGRC to minimize the impact of audits and to better protect its assets.

We Energies is the trade name of Wisconsin Electric Power Co. and Wisconsin Gas LLC, the principal utility subsidiaries of Wisconsin Energy Corp. It manages more than 2.2 million electric, natural gas and steam accounts in Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We Energies provides services for 1.98 million residential customers as well as almost 220,000 commercial and industrial customers.

We Energies will deploy ControlPanelGRC compliance audit software, which addresses the major areas of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance critical to companies competing in the heavily regulated energy industry. ControlPanelGRC targets those areas at every level within the enterprise for SAP users by automating business processes, and embedding compliance and reporting into those processes.

“ControlPanelGRC is able to quickly identify issues and provide remediation options as they occur, instead of waiting for them to become apparent during internal and external audits,” said Dan Wilhelms, President and CEO of SymSoft. “Companies turn to ControlPanelGRC to help them identify and eliminate Segregation of Duties (SOD) risks within the organization, so our clients can better manage and protect their assets. This GRC solution helps customers remain focused on external market issues and reduce the ‘lost opportunity’ costs that an audit will create internally.”

SymSoft's expertise with GRC has created a new set of solutions for SAP ERP environments that reduce audit time, expense and distraction while providing substantial cost savings that can free up budget dollars to support other high-value projects.

As a next-generation suite of modular, integrated applications for GRC in SAP, ControlPanelGRC enables the enterprise to embed compliance continuously to reduce the often intrusive nature of tracking exceptions or authorizations. The software can be enhanced with “rulebooks” that address specific SOD conflicts.

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