Australia Transmission Provider Using StealthWatch NetFlow-based Network Behavior Analysis

Feb. 11, 2009
Lancope, Inc., the provider of the StealthWatch System, a NetFlow Analysis and a widely used Network Behavior Analysis (NBA) and response solution, has announced that ElectraNet, the largest transmitter of electricity in South Australia, is using StealthWatch to improve security and network performance monitoring.

ElectraNet, the largest transmitter of electricity in South Australia, is using Lancope's StealthWatch to improve security and network performance monitoring. StealthWatch delivers network visibility without massive investments in new hardware or software, to significantly reduce the cost, time and resources spent on incident response.

ElectraNet is a regulated Transmission Network Service Provider in the National Electricity Market. It strives to achieve high operating and maintenance efficiencies while ensuring ongoing, reliable and secure high-voltage power supplies.

ElectraNet noticed a gap in its network security monitoring, prompting the company to find a network behavior analysis solution for its 16-node Cisco network. Primary requirements were ease of use, minimal maintenance and excellent vendor support. After a competitive evaluation, ElectraNet selected Lancope's StealthWatch System, which leverages NetFlow from routers and switches to achieve granular network monitoring and improved security visibility.

StealthWatch is deployed in the core and edge of ElectraNet's network. The StealthWatch Management Console manages, coordinates and configures NetFlow collector appliances to correlate security and network intelligence from critical segments throughout the enterprise. ElectraNet's administrators use StealthWatch to detect and prioritize security threats, pinpoint network misuse and suboptimal performance, and manage incident response.

Before StealthWatch, ElectraNet engaged multiple people and tools to investigate incidents and perform analysis to extract meaningful information. Now, ElectraNet can obtain actionable network security and performance intelligence with a few clicks in StealthWatch, saving a significant amount of time and resources.

ElectraNet now has more time to spend on information analysis, rather than data collection and correlation. As a result, the network engineering team is providing better service to other departments, and conducting more effective security and performance monitoring.

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