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Workforce Managment Systems Solution for Small- and Mid-Sized Utilites

Telvent has partnered with SSP Innovations, LLC and Esri to provide SSP’s new Workforce Management (WFM) system to small- and mid-sized utilities. This is the first and onlycustomizable work management system specifically tailored for tier 2 and 3 utilities.

While North America’s largest utilities have an array of geographical information management tools available to them, WFM provides small and mid-sized utilities the major benefits of a centralized work management system for a more manageable cost. It is uniquely tailored and priced for small and mid-sized utilities while also allowing full integration for a range of standard existing information systems, including Telvent’s Designer and DesignerExpress products.

Telvent’s partnership with SSP and Esri allows modestly sized utilities to increase efficiency and keep more reliable records. Additionally, utilities can eliminate their most arduous and error-prone processes, like trading paper maps from department to department, updating by hand and rummaging through file drawers for records. WFM’s Web-based interface allows users to securely access the system from anywhere and there’s no client install required, producing a lower total cost of ownership.

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