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Walton EMC Runs on Nexenta Open Source-Driven Software-Defined Storage Solutions

Walton EMC Cuts Data Center Costs without Sacrificing Performance for Highest Ratings in Customer Service and Satisfaction in the Industry

Georgia-based Walton Electric Membership Corp. uses NexentaStor, Nexenta’s flagship OpenSDS platform, in conjunction with VMware to save on storage and maintenance costs. Walton Electric is one of the largest of almost 1,000 electric cooperatives in the country and supplies energy to more than 122,000 residential, business and industrial accounts in 10 northeast George counties. 

With only six people in the IT group out of 370 employees, Andy Hill, Director of Information Services at Walton EMC, doesn’t have a lot of extra time or resources to be worried about storage.  His number one concern is to ensure that they are using their technology budget wisely.  Hill and his team turned to Software-Defined Storage by Nexenta and industry-standard storage hardware from Nexsan to replace aging physical storage arrays.

“Stories like Walton EMC are commonplace with customers who use Nexenta.  Organizations don’t need to dedicate staff resources to storage nor worry about performance or scalability,” said Craig Cagle, VP, GM of Americas at Nexenta. “The fact that Walton’s customers are stakeholders in the company makes Software-Defined Storage even more compelling as Hill and his team have a keen eye on the bottom line are making an investment in the future of their IT infrastructure.”


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