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Utilities Tap Leidos for its Smart Grid as a Service Offering

Leidos continues to grow its Smart Grid as a Service (SGS) offering, which is a comprehensive, cloud-based, end-to-end managed services solution for utilities. The integrated hardware and software solution provides advanced metering infrastructure, outage alerts/analysis, remote disconnect/connect capabilities, time of use, and net metering, as well as analytic and predictive capabilities. The SGS platform also provides two portals that enable the utility to operate the system and consumers to monitor and manage their consumption.

Most recently, the City of Kings Mountain, North Carolina, awarded Leidos Engineering a 10-year contract for the second phase of their SGS deployment. Kings Mountain is the first utility that provides electric, gas, and water services to move forward with the Leidos SGS program. After successfully completing a 1,200 meter smart grid pilot project, Leidos Engineering will deploy meters over Kings Mountain's entire service area during this phase of the project. At completion, Kings Mountain will have more than 11,000 electric, water, and gas meters supported by the SGS solution.

The City of Gastonia, N.C., also awarded a contract to implement the Leidos SGS solution.  Leidos Engineering is working with Gastonia to deploy smart electric meters to residential, commercial, and industrial customers, and the pilot program is expected to be operational by June. Gastonia is part of ElectriCities of North Carolina and provides electricity and water services to more than 26,000 customers.

These awards come just weeks after Leidos announced the follow on contract with United Power, a rural electric cooperative in Colorado, to implement an additional 20,000 meters as part of the SGS solution.

"Our SGS offering allows municipal and cooperative utilities like Gastonia, Kings Mountain, and United Power access to the latest technologies in an offering they can afford without raising customer's rates," said Engineering Solutions Group President Jim Moos. "We're helping utilities upgrade their systems now while advancing a smarter grid for tomorrow."

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