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Power Company in Czech Republic Orders Dispatching System for Distribution Network

CEZ Distribution, a.s. has ordered a dispatching system for its distribution network management for CZK 250 million, or approximately US$12.2 million. CEZ Distribution is the largest power distribution company in the Czech Republic.

The new, single, common distribution network management system will replace five different existing dispatching systems, so that, if necessary, management of one region can be taken over by another. Besides paving the way for the new smart grid projects, the new system will be capable of optimizing distribution network management, ensuring a greater degree of security and offering opportunities for inter-regional cooperation in case of outage or disaster.

"This project is designed to deliver and to put into operation a new unified dispatching system, which will be the key project of CEZ Distribution that enables us to improve our services when it comes to the quality of energy supply to our customers," said Pavel Filipi, director of network management of CEZ Distribution.

Ness Technologies will provide the new distribution management system, the migration and integration of data, the creation of interfaces to other systems run by CEZ Distribution, a.s., and the needed hardware and software infrastructure. Another key element is the delivery of a full-system simulator for dispatchers. The project will be followed by a service support agreement and, once the distribution management system is implemented in approximately three years, additional projects which extend the scope of the current contract are expected to be started, including a System Optimization and User-Friendly Maximization project.

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