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KEMA Selects GreenBus Platform for Smart Grid Interoperability Lab

KEMA has selected Green Energy Corp's GreenBus software platform for operation in the KEMA Smart Grid Interop Lab. GreenBus enables traditional and emerging power providers to become more efficient and reduce operational costs by automating processes, capturing a higher volume of real-time grid operational data and allowing applications to securely share data.

KEMA created the Smart Grid Interop Lab to provide the utility industry a platform for managing risk exposure, verifying business case projections, and securing a more effective and efficient smart grid deployment. The Smart Grid Interop Lab is an advanced test facility that offers independent verification of device interoperability. It also validates compliance of low-voltage automation devices, meters, and consumer products with evolving smart grid standards.

Green Energy Corp will design, develop, install, and support the monitoring and control of advanced power system applications. These include: energy management systems, distribution management systems, outage management systems, automated meter reading, advanced metering infrastructure, meter data management, home area networks, load management, demand response, distributed generation, PMU integration, and bi-directional power flows. KEMA will also use GreenBus to implement a fully functional microgrid test bed.

Green Energy Corp's GreenBus will be configured and implemented to integrate applications that determine interoperability, scalability, and reliability in utility or microgrid deployments. It will also be used to demonstrate operational effectiveness, through its advanced data acquisition and control platform.

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