New Line Life Podcast: Featuring Jason Mendoza of SDG&E

May 2, 2024
Jason Mendoza, a journeyman lineworker for SDG&E, is a military veteran and member of the transmission crew.

Jason Mendoza, a journeyman lineworker for San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), served in the military before pursuing a career in the line trade. After working for utilities in the Midwest, he and his family moved to California, where he is now on a transmission crew at SDG&E.

Listen to this episode to hear his stories of working from a helicopter and undergoing barehand training at his utility.

He said he is proud to be a lineworker. 

"I believe this is, was and always will be the greatest trade out there with the pride, the trade, the work and the service to others," he says. 

For more information about Jason, check out the Spotlight on the Line Trade, which was published in February 2023 in T&D World magazine. 

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