Line Life Podcast: Puerto Rico Grid Transformation Featuring Dr. Shay Bahramirad

Feb. 2, 2024
In part one of this two-part series, Dr. Bahramirad shares the story of how LUMA is increasing reliability and resiliency through grid modernization projects underway in Puerto Rico.

This Line Life Podcast episode features guest Dr. Shay Bahramirad, senior vice president of engineering, asset management and capital programs at LUMA Energy, the power company responsible for electric service in Puerto Rico.

With its multiple tens of billions of dollars of investment, rebuilding the electric grid in Puerto Rico is one of the largest infrastructure projects in the country and among the most ambitious power industry projects undertaken in this century, according to LUMA.

Listen to the episode to hear how LUMA is increasing resiliency and reliability through grid modernization projects including the deployment of a modern energy management system, an advanced metering infrastructure, island-wide distribution automation and new substations and transmission lines. Also, look for Part 2 of the interview series, which will air on Feb. 16, 2024. 

To learn more about Dr. Bahramirad's career and plans for the Puerto Rico energy transformation, click on her biography below. 

You can also read the article about LUMA in the 2023 Lineworker Supplement, published by T&D World, by clicking here

Guest Bio: Dr. Shay Bahramirad of LUMA

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