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Technical Panel Session Offers Basics of Insulators

The IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Committee will sponsor Insulators 101 technical panel session on Tuesday, April 20 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m at the Conference in New Orleans. The panel discussion will present basic design criteria and application information for porcelain, glass, and non-ceramic insulators. The presenters will review the history of various products for distribution and transmission voltage applications.

In addition, the information will discuss the critical issues faced by utilities when selecting a supplier, addressing performance requirements, evaluating installation needs, and verifying long-term performance of the line.

Andy Schwalm of Victor Insulators will chair the session.


Insulators 101 Section A - Introduction
A. SCHWALM, Author Affiliation: Victor Insulators, Inc.

2010TD0745 Insulators 101 - Design Criteria
R. BERNSTORF, Author Affiliation: Hubbell Power Systems
R. BERNSTORF, Author Affiliation: Hubbell Power Systems

2010TD0750 Insulator 101- Section C Standards
A. BAKER, Author Affiliation: K-LineInsulators USA

2010TD0744 Insulators 101 - Section D - Achieving Quality
T. GRISHAM, Author Affiliation: GRISCUT, LTD.

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