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Solution for Animal-Related Outages to Be Presented

It has been estimated that animal-related outages cost the United States over $30 billion each year. In addition, regulators and ratepayers are less tolerant about such avoidable outages and heavy fines have been administered.

Greenjacket provides a solution for these outages. It is manufactured by Cantega Technologies and distributed in the United States through Salisbury by Honeywell. Greenjacket is unique in that in involves a technology that allows the company to customize covers for a complete fit over all risk points. There is no "one size fits all" approach that properly covers and protects all gaps and risk points - only precise fit covers truly mitigate the risk.

In addition, Greenjacket has the ability to install the covers in an energized yard. The cost savings on avoiding both forced and unforced outages is significant, as is the savings on equipment repair and replacement.This product has been so effective in preventing animal contact, several companies have adopted Greenjacket as the standard for their animal mitigation strategy.

Stop by the Salisbury Booth 2381 to learn more about the Greenjacket product and its effectiveness.

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