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Smart Grid-Ready Distribution Switching Package

G&W Electric Co. has recently shipped its 7000th automated switching device including intelligent relays and communication for part of another smart grid project. G&W has been manufacturing switches and reclosers for overhead, padmount and vault applications since the early 1900s. With the increasing industry focus on service reliability and smart grid solutions, the company has been delivering a family of smart switchgear that use intelligent relays and controls from numerous manufacturers using established industry-standard communication protocols to best match the customer application requirements.

Known as Lazer Distribution Automation solutions, G&W now offers pre-engineered packages addressing common applications such as automatic transfer, automatic power restoration and loop reconfiguration. Projects range from simply being automation ready for possible future smart grid integration (Lazer Ready), to a complete system package including switchgear, relays, programming, controls and accessories. G&W also provides factory acceptance testing of complete systems to reduce commissioning requirements in the field.

G&W is a supplier of SF6 gas and solid dielectric load and fault interrupting switchgear; automatic transfer and distribution automation control packages; distribution and transmission cable terminations and joints; and current limiting protectors through 38kV, 5000A continuous.

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