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S.D. Myers to Feature Interactive Kiosks, Videos

SD Myers, Inc., a transformer maintenance provider, will have an expanded presence and influence at this year's IEEE PES Conference and Expo.

SD Myers will occupy Booth 849 with a 20' x 30' island booth, custom designed to feature four service areas. Each of the four areas - Training and Education, Diagnostic and Analytical Services, Engineering Services and Engineered Products - will have an interactive kiosk and video presentation to demonstrate the specific products and services and how they tie in to the overall MaxLife Philosophy. Also featured in the booth will be scale models of SD Myers, Inc. products and a central theater area where various information will be presented throughout the event.

"One featured component of the booth will be brief technical education sessions, or 'Tech Talks,' discussing issues of concern to anyone who works with and maintains transformers," said Dale Bissonette, president of SD Myers, Inc.

An additional featured area SD Myers, Inc. will be showcasing this year is Training and Education. Booth visitors will be able to register for the "Power Tour," a multi-day training experience featuring VIP tours of major power facilities in California, by filling out a special event "Passport." In addition, SD Myers will be announcing the launch of a new intensive transformer education program for those wishing to have the most detailed and complete training available for transformer maintenance. Although the charter class is sold out, there are additional classes available starting in the fall of 2010. SDMI leads the industry in preparing the current and next-generation substation engineers through its Training and Education Services. SDMI first published the industry's authoritative Transformer Maintenance Guide in 1980. The third edition of the Guide is now available in Spanish.

SD Myers Booth 849

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