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PES and Gridwise Alliance Announce Agreement on Smart Grid Day

IEEE Power & Energy Society and the GridWise Alliance have signed an agreement enabling the two organizations to work collaboratively on smart grid-related issues. The cooperative agreement was unveiled during the Smart Grid Day, April 21, during the IEEE PES Transmission & Distribution Conference.

"This agreement to collaborate will strengthen the engineering basis of our group," said Katherine Hamilton, president, GridWise Alliance. "IEEE PES has worked diligently to ensure professional engineers are appropriately educated as our utilities build their smart grid programs. IEEE PES has provided significant thought leadership on smart grid and can help provide a technical foundation to the smart grid policies we advocate."

"We are thrilled to be partnering with the GridWise Alliance," said Wanda Reder, 2008-2009 president, IEEE Power & Energy Society and Chair, IEEE Smart Grid. "Our relationship will join the advocacy leadership of the GridWise Alliance with the technical expertise and integrity of IEEE PES. We look forward to collaborating on education and workforce development, because we feel strongly that a prepared workforce with appropriate competencies is one of the most critical elements for smart grid success."

The two groups will collaborate on a variety of issues and plan to establish a firm connection between the electric power and energy industries through shared educational materials, policy proposals, and Smart Grid research projects.

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