Oil-Free Underground Transformer

DuPont has introduced DuPont ReliatraN SIDT, the first underground residential solid insulation distribution transformer that uses patented oil-free technology to provide a more sustainable solution for utility companies, developers and homeowners. The product now is available in North America.

The new oil-free single-phase submersible transformer is about 50 percent smaller than conventional oil-filled versions. The smaller size and oil-free construction help to reduce the risk of contamination. The ReliatraN SIDT also alleviates concerns about exposure to mineral oil. In contrast, oil-filled units carry a risk of leaks.

The ReliatraN SIDT offers important safety advantages. The transformer’s construction is fire-resistant and self-extinguishing. Inside, DuPont Nomex brand paper is the most critical insulating component. It does not support combustion in air; provides high levels of electrical, chemical and mechanical integrity; and is widely recognized for extending transformer life.

Environmental concerns due to the risk of oil leakage have kept many utilities from offering an underground choice to residential developers, even though industry research shows that homeowners prefer transformers be out of sight.

ReliatraN SIDT addresses concerns of utility companies while providing a low-maintenance, reliable single-phase submersible transformer.

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