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Keeping our infrastructure and right-of-way areas accessible and safe demands both smart strategy and the right products. Corteva Agriscience offers the expertise and industry insights you need, with the products and technical support to make you successful.  

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Vegetation Management

Corteva Becomes Exclusive Distributor of Piper EZ Herbicide

April 11, 2022
Piper EZ is a new suspension concentrate liquid formulation that supports vegetation managers working to achieve total vegetation control (TVC) throughout various application ...
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Vegetation Management

Meet the New Product Enhancing Bareground Results for Utility Substations

April 1, 2022
As vegetation managers work to maintain total vegetation control on utility substations, a new herbicide product is available to help practitioners conquer incompatible vegetation...
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Vegetation Management

Digital Training Resources for Time-strapped Vegetation Managers

July 2, 2021
Two digital resources are helping vegetation managers improve results in the field and public communications. Learn how their accessibility can save you time and keep you up to...