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Two-Phase Inverter Installation in Three-Phase Systems

Two-Phase Inverter Installation in Three-Phase Systems

Our Grill the Grid Masters has been a popular feature for our readers. However, we're finding that our readers also have great answers. So we're combining our Grill the Grid Masters and the Solve This! puzzle contest. You are invited to send in technical questions, as before, and readers are invited to give answers. The question considered to be the most interesting to our readers will win a $50 gift card. And the best answer to any question also receives a $50 card.

Q: Can we install two-phase inverters in three phase systems? We know two-phase inverters are designed to use in two-phase systems mostly is rural areas, but what about using them in three phase systems? I had a chat with a PV installer who swore he had installed two-phase inverters in three-phase systems and they worked properly and without any problem.


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