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Tennessee Power Association Partners with 360Training

Tennesse Valley Public Power Association has partnered with 360Training to offer L&K International training materials on distribution and transmission systems online. The distribution series includes 39 courses with a brief overview of electrical fundamentals and topics including distribution networks and equipment, system protection, control and automation, equipment testing and maintenance, and the distribution system operator’s role. It is presented on the technician level and knowledge of basic electrical theory is assumed.

The transmission series includes system protection technology and system operation training. System protection technology includes 25 courses covering the principles of protection systems, including different schemes used in the protection of: generators, buses, transmission & distribution lines, transformers, motors etc. Transmission system operations training includes 14 courses and is aimed principally at power system operators in the new ISO and power pools.

However, interest is also expected from new entrants to the power business such as brokers, traders, and independent generators. For this reason, a certain amount of necessary standard practice material is included in the program to provide a base on which to build the more advanced techniques.

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