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S&C Electric Co. Offers Various Seminars & Workshops

For many years, S&C has helped electric utilities and commercial and industrial power users remain competitive through educational offerings for its distribution engineers, transmission planners, facilities engineers, and maintenance personnel. S&C seminars and workshops in engineering, maintenance, operation, and start-up have contributed to the professional development of thousands of individuals who have applied the expertise gained from these courses to their own systems and facilities.

S&C’s courses in 2008 include a circuit-switcher workshop held throughout the year and a complete NESC 2007 review seminar, held March 19-20. (See complete list of seminars below.) The two-day Circuit-Switcher Workshop provides attendees with information and hands-on experience in the installation, operation, adjustment, and maintenance of the following S&C circuit-switchers.

The NESC two-day seminar includes an overview of the code that will build an understanding of its framework and content. The second day will then emphasize many key details, including a coverage of the 2007 NESC changes. Each attendee will receive a set of course notes, but must bring their own copy of the 2007 NESC. Copies of the 2007 NESC can be purchased for and provided at the seminar.

Upon completion of all seminars, participants can earn Continuing Education Units (CEU) and will obtain a signed certificate of completion. The earning of CEU credits will particularly benefit professional engineers who are required to earn a specific number of CEU credits per year to maintain their license.

For all courses held in Chicago, an optional tour of S&C's manufacturing plant — the John R. Conrad Industrial Complex — can be scheduled for any interested participants on the day following the seminar.

S&C's 2008 Seminars include:

Complete NESC 2007 Review (March 19-20): Provides abstract of the National Electric Safety Code, with emphasis on the latest changes. 1.2 CEUs/12 PDHs.

Power System Voltage Stability (Sept. 15-16): Provides comprehensive overview of fundamental concepts on voltage stability, such as the significance of reactive power management and voltage control. 1.6 CEUs/16 PDHs.

Short-Circuit Analysis of Electrical Power Systems: Examines the fault analysis process, solutions, and equipment selection. Covers actual system examples. 1.2 CEUs/12 PDHs.

Distribution Overcurrent Protection and Coordination (June 11-13): Covers selection, application, and coordination of overcurrent protective devices for medium-voltage distribution systems. Discusses actual system examples. 2.0 CEUs/20 PDHs.

Strategies and Planning for Improving Asset Performance (Sept. 24-26): Teaches how to determine future distribution needs and develop strategies that can be applied in the next planning cycle. 2.0 CEUs/20 PDHs.

Distribution Reliability (Sept. 22-23): Focus on measures of reliability, outage causes, design of feeder and branch lines for reliability, and programs to improve the reliability of distribution systems. 1.2 CEUs/12 PDHs.

Circuit-Switcher Workshop (June 26-27; Aug. 7-8; Sept. 18-19; Oct. 23-24): Provides in-depth information and unique hands-on experience in the installation, operation, and maintenance of S&C Circuit-Switchers used in distribution substations.16 PDHs.

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