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Roadshow Bus is Classroom on Wheels

OMICRON decided to do something different in North America by developing the OMICRON Roadshow Bus. This bus travels around the United States and Canada year round, bringing all of the company's measurement equipment, testing solutions, and industry knowledge directly to substations across the continent.

This "classroom on wheels" helps to address the power industry's loss of expertise and knowledge as OMICRON will conduct training for thousands of engineers on it this year.

The interior of the bus was made to resemble a substation so when you first enter the bus you think you are actually in a substation complete with transformers, switchgear, and even a floor made to resemble gravel.

The bus has comfortable seating for up to 15 people, electrical outlets for workstations, and all OMICRON products on display. It is fully equipped for training, and demonstrations, and can even simulate various transformer diagnostic tests with the new transformer model.

The bus is 40 feet long and is powered by a Detroit Diesel and an Allison transmission. The bus also has four air conditioning / heating systems for the participant's comfort. There is a generator on board for electrical needs and the ability to connect to a 240v source if needed.

This unique vehicle will be the center attraction of the OMICRON booth at the IEEE PES T&D Conference and Expo, and will feature every piece of OMICRON's equipment, as well as be the location for all five of its mini-tutorials.

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