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El Salvador Utility Receives SCADA/DMS/OMS System

$1.6 Million Investment in Central America for PRISM™ SCADA/DMS/OMS System

Advanced Control Systems has delivered a smart grid ACS PRISM SCADA system to one of the largest electric distribution companies in El Salvador, the Distribuidora de Electricidad del Sur, SA de CV (DELSUR). DELSUR General Manager Roberto Gonzalez said that after a process of nearly three years, the company took a technological leap and invested $1.6 million to achieve a more efficient service for 360,000 users and now has the reliability to distribute power over 10,000 kilometers.

Victor Zaldana, DELSUR distribution manager, said the new PRISM Outage Management System (OMS) easily integrated with the DELSUR current SCADA system, so much that the company made the migration without affecting electric service to their customers. 

According to DELSUR IT manager, Alicia Breucop, "DELSUR has the technology to create a circle of continuous improvement services for our customers. A big advantage is that these products are within a family of applications provided by ACS to manage long term growth and our vision for an optimal smart grid."

"ACS and DELSUR have had a positive relationship since 2004, earning our trust for customer satisfaction," said Jorge Herrera, ACS Regional Director, Latin America, Mexico & Caribbean. "Our SCADA, DMS and OMS supports their demands for customer service as our flagship in Latin America.  Having deployed a full-suite of technology associated with ongoing future benefits, we are pleased to continue our collaboration through our new ACS Center of Excellence in El Salvador."    

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