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Software Platform Offers Performance Tools to Municipal Utilities and Electric Co-ops

Feb. 7, 2020
SATEC Inc. provides tools to enhance system efficiency, optimize operational costs, protect revenue and improve customer service.

SATEC, Inc., global supplier of instrumentation and software serving the electrical utility market, announces the immediate availability of the Utilities version of its expertpower software platform with features and capabilities optimized to the specific needs of municipal utilities and rural electric coops.

Cloud-based expertpower for Utilities offers utility operational management tools to monitor distribution network performance, identify equipment oversizing or undersizing and protect revenues from tampering and theft. expertpower also provides customer service analytics providing utility customer service groups and its customers with vital information about usage, billing questions and time-of-use (TOU) billing considerations.

SATEC’s expertpower for Utilities provides important analytics designed to enhance operational performance:

  • Improved Operational Efficiency. How everything works together on a distribution network is the secret to success when it comes to delivering energy to end users. expertpower’s Meter Data Management (MDM) consolidates and analyzes data and delivers it to the appropriate user.
  • Equipment Health Management. Having insight into how equipment is being used in the field or how well it is operating is critical. expertpower data allows operators to monitor equipment health and to assure that transformers and switch gear are properly sized. Having the right equipment for the job is a huge savings for all utilities.
  • Revenue Protection. Losses due to tampering and theft are always plaguing utilities. While there have been improvements in identifying and eliminating theft there are still a lot of opportunities to improve the process.

SATEC’s expertpower combined with your choice of AMI Network and smart meters provides actionable information and analytics to improve the efficiency, reliability, security and profitability of your distribution network.  Integrating expertpower with other applications like SCADA, GIS and Billing will allow the right people to get the right information they need at the right time. “expertpower uses a standard web browser as a user interface to reduce the total cost of ownership by eliminating the need for any special infrastructure,” said Eric Lambert, SATEC Director of expertpower and Technical Services. “With expertpower, there is also no need for server hardware and software or on-site IT experts.” 

Visit www.satec-global.com for more information.  

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