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OPPD and Contractor Crews Replace Streetlights with LED Fixtures

OPPD replaces high-pressure sodium streetlights with LED fixtures.

LED streetlights last four times as long as high-pressure sodium fixtures, according to OPPD, which is replacing more than 20,000 incandescent streetlights over the next five years. 

Last month, OPPD began accelerating its streetlight replacement program, and after the first few years of the program, the company plans to complete the installation of the LED fixtures on major roads, according to a story on the Wire. From April to June, OPPD plans to replace 7,000 streetlights on major thoroughfares. Due to the higher level of work, OPPD has increased its number of streetlight replacement crews. 

In the past, OPPD repaired 11,000 customer-reported streetlight outages per year. Once the conversion is complete, OPPD expects to see a decrease in streetlight outages, which will reduce maintenance and benefit the environment.


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