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New Portable BAUR Diagnostics System Helps to Measure Partial Discharges More Precisely

BAUR has introduced a new portable PD-TaD 62 and PD-TaD 80 PD diagnostics system.

With the introduction of the new portable PD-TaD 62 and PD-TaD 80 PD diagnostics systems, BAUR has expanded its range and application benefits whilst also achieving higher precision.

The PD-TaD 62 portable PD diagnostics system replaces the PD-TaD 60, and its higher voltage (44 kVrms/62 kVpeak) makes it a suitable fit for the new viola and viola TD VLF testing systems. In combination, the devices permit partial discharge testing and location, VLF cable testing with simultaneous partial discharge testing or – with the viola TD – simultaneous measurement of the dissipation factor.

Anyone wanting to cut the weight they have to transport can achieve a comparable functional scope by using the PD-TaD 62 with the frida and frida TD, the lightweight VLF tester and diagnostics devices for cables of up to approx. 20 kV. In either case, operators of the PD-TaD 62 benefit from the low signal noise level and extremely precise partial discharge testing. A coupling capacitance of 10 nF and a sensitivity less or equal 1 pC ensure accuracy.

At 21 kg, the top-of-the-range model in the PD-TaD series is the lightest and smallest device of its class. The compact PD-TaD 80 partial discharge diagnostics system, designed for measurements of up to 57kVrms, 80 kVpeak, also offers improved precision. This is perfectly complemented by the PHG 70/80 VLF test generators, vehicle and portable variants. These allow PD testing, or simultaneous PD testing and cable testing, on systems of up to 44 kV at 2 U0 - optimal for detecting weak points such as incorrectly fitted joints during (re-)commissioning. In combination with a PHG 70/80 portable or PHG 70/80 TD, the PD-TaD 80 can also determine the dissipation factor; this allows conclusions to be drawn about the condition of the insulation and provides information about wet joints.

Despite their functional scope, the devices are small and compact, which is an advantage during mobile use and when installed in a 3.5 tonne cable test van.

For more information, visit the Web site.  

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