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LADWP Restores Power Following Severe Wind Storm

The strongest wind storm to hit Los Angeles' power grid since 2011 knocked out power to more than 97,000 LADWP customers in mid-April. In turn, LADWP crews restored service to customers affected by wind- and debris-caused outages.  

High winds caused dozens of outages across the city. Restoration work– in many cases - included not only a complex repair, but debris clean-up and removal before repairs could even begin. After winds subsided, the crews in the field had better working conditions and were able to begin the restoration. Meanwhile, LADWP continued to receive new reports of downed power lines and other wind-related outages that occurred overnight. 

LADWP’s dispatch team scheduled crews around the clock to ensure that there was no disruption in the restoration progress. Crews continued to work until every single customer experiencing an outage has power restored.

LADWP restored power to the majority of customers shortly after the storm began, but the most affected areas were in the "Metro" portions of LA, located south of the Hollywood Hills including portions of South LA, Mar Vista, Mid-Wilshire, East-Hollywood, Hyde Park, Green Meadows and Koreatown.



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